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Now Supporting 360 Version-- 26 December 2006
It's been a while since the last update here. I have recently been blessed with the Xbox 360, meaning I can now make any necessary changes and additions regarding the Xbox 360 version of BF2MC. So, if anyone's been discouraged from editing or posting because of this, you're free to edit now. In other new, since November, there's been three new editors to the site. Don't be shy! Edit as much as you can.
New Clan Pages-- 19 November 2006
The new Clans section has been started to give general information on clan strategies. This page is only for general information and strategies regarding clans; if you would like to advertise your clan or discuss strategies, please use the clan section of the forum for that.
Forum Created!-- 10 November 2006
The Official B.I.C. Forum has been set up. Go to the forum link under the general heading of the navigation panel on the left to get to the forums, or just follow this link to take you there too. There you can discuss the game, give skill tips, and start or manage clans.
Where did you come from?-- 19 October 2006
Since this site has been progressing a bit slowly, I've established a guestbook so the B.I.C.'s visitors could say where they've heard of this site so that I can improve the hit rate. Whoever logs on to this site, please add your info to the guestbook. No this is not to collect information from your computer, it is not a private information collecting scheme, this is just to see where you've found this site. Thank you.
We have editors!-- 3 September 2006
Finally, there have been a couple of people who have stepped up and written a few guides and strategies. Thank you very much! This site can't thrive on just three people contributing, the B.I.C. needs many more editors. It doesn't matter if you don't know a lot about the game, but if you have something in mind that this site does not have, put it where it needs to go. If you have any ideas about anything, especially advertising, please, by all means say something on the main discussion page (top of this screen to the right of "article".
Single-Player Guides-- 27 July 2006
The Single-Player Guides have been set up for anyone who has anything to contribute. I have already tried to contact some people who have already written guides to see if they will help contribute. On another issue, the map strategies are being reorganized to help make it a bit more easy to navigate.
Pictures Needed-- 20 July 2006
There are no pictures regarding BF2MC in the public domain, so, so far, the B.I.C. is going pictureless. Please, if you are able to, make some pictures, logos, or take some screenshots and donate it to the B.I.C. to rid it of its dull pages. Unless you are sysop, please e-mail me the pictures so that I may upload them.
Backstab Finished! -- 16 July 2006
The B.I.C. is now officially in operation. The last of the backstab strategy was completed last night, and I will now begin advertising. If anyone has any tips for advertising, please post on the discussion page.
Strategy Time -- 8 July 2006
Calling all FAQers!! Write your guides and post on HUMINT under the intel report link. If you have already written a guide and posted on IGN, Cheat Code Central, Gamefaqs, see if you can repost on BIC. The more guides here, the more traffic BIC can get!
Vehicle Info Finished -- 8 July 2006
All of the hard work is finished now (hard work being the massive amount of exact weapon information research.) After today, the actual strategy-making will be the main focus.
Logo Uploaded -- 2 July 2006
Yeah, its not going to win a beauty contest, but its way better than the blue square!
Vehicle Stats Started -- 25 June 2006
Vehicle Information
Kit Info Uploaded -- 25 June 2006
Well, every single weapon of every single kit has been uploaded!

Kit Information


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